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As promised, we are starting a new batch of episodes on youtube and this time it is ALL ABOUT Fashion. If you’re familiar with the #AStylingIssue hashtag I’ve been using to tag my fashionable/creative stylings on Instagram, then you know what you’re in for. MANIFESTO 01. Pilot As a teenager I’ve always been passioned about clothing, mixing and remixing them - the new, the old, the pretty, the ugly. It’s all about creativity, imagination and of course a sense of politeness for the events we attend. Fashion is fun! Fashion is something that helps you express yourself before you even get to say a word, if you own it, it talks about you. Make sure to let me know which subjects are the most burnin’ for you right now, and what would you like to see in these episodes. From styling a basic item like a leather jacket, to playing along with denim and summer looks, we can do it all. THE LIST TOP: Cactus The Brand Button Up Black Silk Dress SKIRT: Oana Lupas Feathered Skirt LIPS: YSL Tatouage Couture Shade 12

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